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Monday, March 26, 2018VOLUME 14 ISSUE 13
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ZF Updates Its Lists of Approved Lubricants

German equipment components manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen AG, also known as ZF Grouphas updated its lists of approved lubricants for its transmissions, axles, final drives, etc. used in trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, marine transmissions, tractors, rail vehicles, lift-trucks and stationary applications.
Each list shows, where applicable, approved lubricant classes, oil change intervals, hydraulic fluids, greasing and approved "trade" lubricants from various manufacturers.
Specializing in engineering, ZF, headquartered in Friedrichshafen, in the south-west German region of Baden-Württemberg, is a worldwide supplier of driveline and chassis technology for cars and commercial vehicles, along with components for construction equipment. It is also manufactures components for rail, marinedefense and aviation industries, as well as general industrial applications.  
Worldwide, the ZF Group has at about 230 locations in some 40 countries and 20 main development locations in 8 countries with approximately 146,000 employees as of December 31, 2017
ZF ended the fiscal year 2017 with record sales of €36.4 (US$45) billion, which, when adjusted for exchange rate effects and M&A activities, elicited organic growth of 6 percent.
ZF has recently updated it lists (22 in all) of approved lubricants for each of the equipment manufactured as follows (click on each individual TE-ML link):
Manual transmissions for trucks with "TE-ML 01" entry on the type plate TE-ML 01
Manual and automated transmissions for trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles with "TE-ML 02" entry on the type plate TE-ML 02

Transmissions for off-road equipment (off-road vehicles, special vehicles, lift truck) TE-ML 03

Marine transmissions TE-ML 04

Axles for off-road vehicles TE-ML 05

Tractor transmissions and hydraulic lifts TE-ML 06

Hydrostatic-mechanical and electric drive systems TE-ML 07

Steering systems (non-power-assisted) for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles TE-ML 08

Steering systems and oil pumps for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road hicles TE-ML 09

Manual transmissions, double-clutch transmissions and automatic transmissions for cars TE-ML 11

Axles and wheel heads for buses and trucks TE-ML 12

ZF assemblies in special purpose vehicles TE-ML 13
Powershift transmissions, type Ecomat, for buses, trucks, and special vehicles TE-ML 14

Brake systems for special vehicles TE-ML 15

Transmissions for rail vehicles TE-ML 16

Transmissions and axles for lift-trucks TE-ML 17

Axles for cars TE-ML 18

Transfer and offset transmissions for commercial vehicles TE-ML 19

Powershift transmissions, type EcoLife, for buses, trucks, special vehicles and stationary applications TE-ML 20

Tractor axles, transmissions for harvesters and final drives TE-ML 21

Stationary applications TE-ML 23

Historical Manual Transmissions for Trucks and Passenger Cars TE-ML 24

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