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Monday, May 7, 2018VOLUME 14 ISSUE 19
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Lube Base Oil Price Report

During this past week, Calumet, Excel Paralubes, ExxonMobil, HollyFrontier, Petro-Canada, Flint Hills Resources and Kleen Performance Products announced paraffinic lube base oil price increases, while San Joaquin Refining announced a price increase of its naphthenic base oil.
Details are as follows:
- Calumet to Increase Prices of All Calpar Group I and II Base Oils up to 325 SUS by 20 CPG and Those Heavier Than 325 SUS by 10 CPG Effective May 9, 2018
- Excel Paralubes Increased Posted Prices of Its Group II Pure Performance 70N and 80N by 19 CPG, Its 110N by 21 CPG, Its 225N by 20 CPG, and Its 600N by 10 CPG Effective May 3, 2018
- HollyFrontier Increased Its SN 70 – SN 350 by 20 CPG and SN 500 - SN 150 BS by 15 CPG, Effective May 2, 2018
- Petro-Canada Increased Its Group II Postings; 70-200N by 20 CPG by 20 CPG and 350-600N by 15 CPG Effective May 2, 2018
- ExxonMobil to Increase Its Group I and Group II/II+ Light and Mid-Viscosity Grades by 15 CPG and Its Heavy-Viscosity Grades and Bright Stock by 10 CPG Effective May 14, 2018
- Flint Hills Resources Increased Prices of Its (API Group II) 70/75-HC by 19 CPG, 100-HC by 21 CPG, 230-HC by 20 CPG and 600-HC by 10 CPG Effective May 3, 2018
- Kleen Performance Products Increased Its RHT70, RHT120 and RHT240 Group II/II+ Base Oils by 20 CPG Effective May 7, 2018
San Joaquin Refining to Increase Its Naphthenic Base Oils by Up to 20-25 CPG Depending on Location Effective May 8, 2018
During the previous week, the following base oil producers announced price adjustments as follows:
- Chevron Increased Prices of Its USGC 100R and 220R by 20 CPG and 600R by 10 CPG, Effective April 25, 2018
- Ergon Increased Prices of All Viscosities of Naphthenic Oils in North American by 20 CPG, Effective May 2
- Cross Oil Increased All Naphthenic Base Oil Prices by 20 CPG Effective May 7, 2018
- Calumet Increased All Its Naphthenic Base Oil Prices by 20 CPG, Effective May 9,
West Texas Intermediate futures settled at $69.72 per barrel on the CME/Nymex on Friday, May 4, 2018, while Brent settled at $74.87/bbl on the CME on May 4, 2018.

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News Sponsored by Chevron Base Oils
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