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Monday, June 25, 2018VOLUME 14 ISSUE 26
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Shell and Maserati Launch New Co-branded Factory Fill and Aftermarket Service Motor Oil

Shell and Maserati are introducing a brand new co-branded motor oil known as Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 10W-60 - the only recommended oil for all Maserati’s 2018 models across the globe equipped with the V6 Gasoline engine. This new product follows the previous Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 5W-40 for Maserati’s 2017 models.

This new co-branded motor oil is part of Shell’s ongoing deal with Maserati as its exclusive lubricants supplier, which runs until 2020. The Maserati’s 2018 cars (V6 Gasoline engine) will get a first fill of the new product from the production lines in Modena and Turin, Italy. The product will also be available as refills at any one of the over 450 authorized Maserati dealerships around the world.

Maserati issued a statement that its customers can therefore be confident that their Maserati car is continuously serviced with the most high-quality motor oil manufactured by Shell to provide Maserati’s engines with high performance and engine protection throughout the car’s lifespan.

“After the successful collaboration put in place for 5W-40, Maserati and Shell worked again together to develop a new co-branded motor oil specifically formulated and tested to optimize the power of our engines. Shell shares with us the same commitment to provide outstanding performances with passion for excellence and innovation, that’s why we chose their technical excellence for our cars”, said Rosberto Mcginnis, Head of Maserati Parts & Service, Maserati Spa.

Patrick Carre, Shell’s Global Vice President for Lubricants Key Accounts, adds, “This new product, combined with our renewed deal takes our collaboration with Maserati to the next level. Our new product gives Maserati’s customers access to a world class co-branded product endorsed by Maserati - Shell Helix Ultra Maserati, which ensures that Maserati’s customers continues to have their high-performance engines protected by high-quality motor oil featuring the latest in lubricants innovation, Shell PurePlus Technology.”

The fully synthetic premium engine oil is specially formulated to meet the engine requirements of Maserati’s engines. Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 10W-60 uses Shell’s unique gas-to-liquid (GTL)-based PurePlus Technology and is designed in collaboration with Maserati to meet the technical needs of their engines.

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