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Monday, March 6, 2017VOLUME 13 ISSUE 10
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NOLN Issues Its 2017 Tops in the Industry Rankings

The National Oil & Lube News has issued its 2017 Tops in the Industry Rankings, which ranks the largest U.S. Fast Lube and Lube+ Chains Operating in 2017, the Top Associated Chains, the top International Fast Lube Chains and the top Truck Lube Chains.

Every March, NOLN researches, identifies and ranks the top auto service chains in the nation.

Before examining the rankings, according to NOLN, it is important to first define the terms used in this report. "We classify a “fast lube” facility as any business that derives the majority of its sales from quick, convenient oil changes and other automotive preventive maintenance services that can be done in less than 30 minutes", says NOLN.

Shops are classified that have dual profit centers, like a carwash/fast lube, co-branded facilities, tire stores or dealerships with quick service lanes as “lube-plus” shops. Muffler shops, auto repair shops and mass merchant retailers are also classified in this category.

For the purpose of this study, a “chain” is any six or more fast lube facilities owned by the same company/individual/business entity and/or operated under the same or similar signage. For example, a brand like Havoline xpress lube, which is actually comprised of individual owner/operators who have entered into an agreement with Havoline to use xpress lube signage, is grouped together as a chain.

Quite often, independent lube operations that might own six or more of these branded shops are encountered. To avoid counting those facilities twice, NOLN groups them into a separate listing which they call, “Associated Lube Chains.”

NOLN made a special note that the 2017 Tops in the Industry survey was sponsored by Valvoline this year. "Without their support, we are limited to what information we can publish in the magazine".

NOLN stated that the information they publish was reported to them directly from the companies they contacted or from independent third-party sources deemed reliable. It is believed to be accurate and current as of February 28, 2017, unless otherwise noted.

A few examples taken from the survey are as follows:

In the "Fast Lube and Lube+ Chains Operating in 2017" classification, as of February 28, 2017, Goodyear Tire & Service Network Outlets, OH is the largest with a total of 2,594 outlets, with 588 of those being independent/company owned and 2,006 as franchised. Following at number 2 is Wal-Mart Auto Care Centers, AR with a total of 2,538 outlets, all independent/company owned. At number 3 is TBC Corp.*, FL with a total of 2,210 outlets, of which 760 are independent/company owned and 1,450 are franchised. All the first three mentioned fall in the "Lube+" classification. At number 4, in terms of total operating outlets with 1,911 is Jiffy Lube, TX, all franchised. The latter falls in the "Fast Lube" classification. 
*TBC Corp. - dba Tire Kingdom, NTB - National Tire and Battery, Merchant's Tire and Auto Centers, Big O Tires and Midas Auto Service Experts.

In the "International Fast Lube Chains" classification, ranked by number of facilities, as of 2/28/17, the largest is Mobivia*, France with 2,000 facilities, followed by Petromin Express, Saudi Arabia with 665 facilities, Kwik-Fit, U.K. with 600 facilities, Speedy, France with 556 facilities, and at number 5 is Feu Vert, France with 343 facilities.
*Mobivia facilities are operated as ATU, Norauto, Auto5 Centers, Midas and Carter Cash

In the "Truck Lube Chains" classification, ranked by number of facilities as of 2/28/17 the largest is TA Maintenance Shops with 250 operating facilities, followed by Wingfoot Truck Care Center with 623 facilities, Speedco with 524 facilities, Bosselman dba Boss Truck Shops with 425 facilities, and at number five, Sullivan Truck Center with 156 facilities.

To view the complete NOLN 2017 Tops in the Industry Rankings survey, visit

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