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Monday, July 10, 2017VOLUME 13 ISSUE 28
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Lubrizol Completes Passenger Car ACEA 2016 Upgrade

Lubrizol announced it has completed the ACEA 2016 upgrade of its key European passenger car engine oil technologies ahead of schedule, 18 months in advance of the December 2018 compulsory compliance window. The upgrade also includes a new C5 category that delivers enhanced fuel economy performance for passenger car lubricants.


API to Establish Task Force to Identify Improvements to API Engine Oil Standards Development Process

The American Petroleum Institute is preparing to establish a task force composed of representatives from the Auto Alliance, API, and American Chemistry Council (ACC) that would be charged with identifying improvements to the API engine oil standards development process, a step API has taken after the development of the last few engine oil standards.


Infineum PARATAC Brand Acquired by Functional Products

Infineum has confirmed the sale of its Paratac and Paratac XT brands and associated business to Macedonia, Ohio-based Functional Products Inc. The sale figure will not be disclosed by either party.


Chlorinated Paraffins Manufacturers Sign Consent Orders with US EPA

Dover Chemical, Inovyn, and Qualice have recently signed consent orders with EPA that allow these companies to either continue or initiate manufacture and import on a wide range of CP substances, including medium-chain CPs (MCCPs), long-chain CPs (LCCPs) and very long-chain CPs (vLCCPs).


IEA Study Unveils Key Role For Trucks in Global Oil-Demand Growth

Improving the efficiency of road-freight transport is critical to reducing the growth in oil demand, carbon emissions and air pollution over the next decades, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest report, The Future of Trucks: Implications for energy and the environment.


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