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Monday, October 16, 2017VOLUME 13 ISSUE 42
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D-A Lubricant to Expand Its Headquarters

D-A Lubricant Co. is planning to expand its present headquarters for the third time. The company, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive lubricants, will install a new production line at its headquarters in the Lebanon Business Park, in Lebanon, Indiana.

The company which relocated from Indianapolis to the Lebanon Business Park in 2011, estimates the investment will cost $4.6 million. The expansion is scheduled to be completed within the next year.

“This is the third time since locating in Lebanon that D-A Lubricant Company has expanded,” said Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry. “We are excited that D-A Lubricant has found great success in the Lebanon Business Park, and look forward to their continued growth as a great community partner.”

In February 2015, D-A invested $3.9 million to equip its 250,000 square-foot headquarters facility at 801 Edwards Drive after acquiring Brad Penn Lubricants in 2014 from Bradford, PA-based American Refining Group.

D-A, founded in 1919, manufactures and markets its Reliant™ diesel engine oil family, its PennGrade family of gasoline engine oils, and its Blue Flame family of gas engine oils. D-A also manufactures and markets ATFs, manual transmission fluids, UTFs, gear lubricants, greases, hydraulic oils, and other industrial lubricants and specialty products.

The company has 140 employees nationwide, and about 70 of those are in Lebanon.

D-A also offers private labeling and toll blending for other lube marketing companies.

According to D-A's website, the company has 2.2 million gallons of inside storage, 5 - 15,000 pound bulk grease tanks, 5 blend kettles, 4 bulk blend tanks and 185,000 square feet of storage for packaged product and packaging. It has, according to its website, 3 packaging lines, high speed gallon/quart line capable of 320 quarts/min or 100 gallons/min, specialty packaging capable of any size container up to 1 gallon speed 18 quarts/min - 12 gallons/min, pail line - 720 pails/hr and drum and tote filling.

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