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Monday, September 25, 2017VOLUME 13 ISSUE 39
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GM dexos1™ Gen 2 Licensed Oils List Now Contains 465 Oils

When we last published a story on this subject just two months ago, July 24, the number of General Motors approved dexos1™ Gen 2 (a.k.a. dexos1:2015) oils listed was 168. There are now 465 approved dexos1™ Gen 2 oils.
dexos1™ (First Generation) licenses became obsolete as of September 1, 2017.
The second generation dexos1™ specification was issued in 2015 to provide better vehicle performance as well as low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection, particularly for small displacement turbo-charged engines.
The new dexos1 Gen 2 specification is a significantly strengthened, higher performance standard, offering improved fuel economy, turbocharger deposit control, aeration, stochastic pre-ignition (SPI) control, oil oxidation and piston deposit control.


For the latest complete list of dexos1™ Gen 2 licensed oils, click here

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